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What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Seen People Do On The SkyTrain?

SkyTrain Etiquette

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What’s the worst thing that someone can do on transit?

Despite ridership dropping significantly due to COVID-19, our local transportation has seen its fair share of poor behaviour.

Translink frequently updates etiquette policies and it may be a good time to visit the list before quarantine rules are lifted and the world goes back to normal.

SkyTrain Etiquette

People aren’t always that considerate when they take transit. Whether they aren’t stepping aside to let people off the SkyTrain, or listening to music loudly sans headphones, there’s about as many annoying things happening as there are stars in the night sky.

The question is: what is the worst, and also most common, of them all?


Granted, you’ll have that one obnoxiously drunk person vomiting, or worse, but this is obviously wrong. In other instances, people don’t think what they are doing is that bad, or even that they shouldn’t do it.

For example, someone might think its okay to take a selfie in the seat beside you, but you might find that abhorrently obnoxious. Similarly, PDAs, when taken to the next level, are not okay in public places. On a bus, however, they are all the more uncomfortable.

Courtesy seats closest to the doors are for persons with disabilities and/or seniors. People appreciate you offering these seats to them. It’s worth remembering that some people have disabilities that aren’t always obvious. If someone asks you to give up a seat because they have a disability, please take their word for it.

Other noteworthy no-nos: clipping toenails, staring unflinchingly at others, taking up multiple seats, having a three course meal, skipping deodorant and smacking people with your ginormous backpack.

The list goes on and on.. but, what do you think are the biggest no-nos on the SkyTrain or bus? Do you have any particularly bewildering tales of SkyTrain woe? Are Metro Vancouver residents inconsiderate on transit in general?

Sound off in the comments below!

For a complete list of Translink approved no-nos, go here.


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