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Witnesses Needed After Ski Pole Punctures Teen’s Skull On Grouse Mountain

Grouse mountain

Photo: North Vancouver RCMP

North Vancouver RCMP are appealing to the public for more information in their investigation of a skiing injury to a youth on Grouse Mountain.

The incident occurred on March 30th, 2019 just before 7:00 p.m. A 13-year-old was skiing with a friend on Grouse Mountain and was on the bottom third of The Cut, to the left of the Screaming Eagle Chairlift.


Skiers on the chairlift would have seen him below and to the right. The youth swerved to avoid another skier, believed to be an adult male of unknown age. As he did so, the male struck the youth with his ski pole.

At this moment, police have been not been able to gather enough evidence to determine whether this was intentional or accidental. The adult skier was described only as wearing a yellow ski jacket.

The 13-year-old youth was wearing tan/brown ski pants, a white Adidas hoodie with black logo on the front, and green and black ski boots.

The tip of the adult’s ski pole struck the youth on his temporal bone and punctured his skull by approximately 3 cm. An unidentified woman helped the young boy out and police would like to speak with her.

As for the boy’s injuries, he received stitches for the small laceration, but his symptoms continued to worsen, and as a result, he was brought to Children’s Hospital.

At this moment, police have exhausted all available investigational avenues. Investigators want to speak with the woman who helped the boy and the adult who was involved in this incident.

If you have any information, please contact Cst. Yushi Ebisawa by phone at 604-969-7345, or by email at [email protected].


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