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Another Wave Of COVID May Be Headed To Vancouver This Spring

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Some people may feel done with COVID-19, but COVID may not be done with us, yet. Researchers say that cases are on the rise in the province and a sixth wave is possible.

This is according to wastewater sampling though, not hospitalizations or reported cases.

Reported cases have fallen by 75% since December 2021 and they continued to fall after the province eased mask and gathering restrictions. Hospitalizations and deaths are also waning. 

In contrast to this, in the last few weeks scientists that test human waste water have found its viral load is increasing. That means that within the human population that is responsible for the wastewater that is being tested, COVID is on the rise again. 

This could be a direct result of the province easing restrictions; however, the fact that less people are severely ill though is positive.

What’s important to note is that although COVID strains being generally less impactful could be good news for some, many immunocompromised people still feel at risk and further marginalized. 

Researchers suggest it is possible we will see another wave of COVID in a few months time. Multiple factors are being considered like a high rate of vaccination in the province, a natural immunity developed over the years, waning severity of illness but also waning vaccine efficacy.

It’s not certain exactly what the future hold in terms of a sixth wave. However, the province is bracing for it, along with others across Canada. 

In Ontario, doctors have already declared a sixth wave has begun.


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