This BC Lazy River Glides Through Lush Hills On An Epic 7 Hour Drift

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shuswap river

BC has a number of beautiful beaches to enjoy during the summer months; however, there’s nothing like the a lazy drift down the breathtaking Shuswap River.

Located in the beautiful Shuswap region, the refreshing route takes you through scenic mountain ranges and lush riverbanks.

What’s more, the area enjoys some of the hottest temperatures in the province, and is ideal for some toasty summertime relaxation.

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There are a number of different routes to take, so you can choose the length and level of difficulty in advance. In fact, some routes take under 2 hours, while others take 6 – 7!

With that being said, it is important to prepare for the ride ahead of time. If you plan to ride all day, you’ll want to take adequate water, sun protection, as well as snacks.

shuswap river

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Shuswap river

shuswap river

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If you are new to tubing, or simply haven’t visited the river in general, start with the slowest, safest, and shortest route. Specifically, the Belvidere Park to Tuey Park route. And, if you want to stop early, you can get out at the boat launch north of the Riverside RV Park.

Moreover, be aware that the higher the river, the faster the flow. Therefore, you will enjoy a faster ride, but it will increase the level of danger. As such, drifters should exercise caution and always be aware of potential hazards. Indeed, the waterway is a river, and not a channel. As a result, it will be more unpredictable.

In addition, the river runs through some private properties. So, you should always use designated launch and disembarkation sites. What’s more, the route is a salmon spawning ground, and it is important to keep the area clean and garbage free.

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