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Shop The Neighbourhood: The Burke Beer House

Burke Beer House

The Burke Beer House/ Facebook

What does local mean to you?

Growing up in the small town of Port Coquitlam, I always cherished spending my afternoons biking the PoCo trail, trying to spot bear cubs at Minnekhada Park, and attempting to jump from tire-to-tire at Lion’s Park.

PoCo was, and still is, a great place to raise a family. Aside from endless outdoor activities to enjoy with your loved ones, there are unique businesses on every corner that represent more than just a dollar sign.

Like The Burke Beer House. They’re not your typical pub. After a long day of work, just walking through the front doors feels like coming home.

The Burke Beer House/ Facebook
The Burke Beer House/ Facebook

The servers and kitchen staff not only know your name, they even remember your dog’s name, too. Just by sitting down at one of their many tabletops, you can connect with familiar faces that ensure you are treated as one of the Burke family members.

That’s what makes this local business so special.

Whether you’re new to the area, or (like me) have spent nearly 27 years of your life up and down Shaughnessy Street, a place like The Burke is easily regarded as a local gem.

The chefs ensure that all of their ingredients come from local meat shops, farms and markets, which helps continue the circle of supporting other businesses within the Port Coquitlam community.

But the best part about The Burke is the atmosphere.

As I said before, this is not your average pub. The regulars are as loyal to The Burke as you would be to your own mother. Each person has a unique story about them: people from all walks of life come together to sip a pint (or two) and celebrate simply being in each other’s presence.

Without businesses like The Burke, the social aspect of the Port Coquitlam community would not be nearly as strong as it is today.

Life is about sharing moments with those you love, and I believe that indulging in your favourite meal while surrounded by friends and fellow patrons is a simple, yet heartwarming way to create an everlasting bond within your neighbourhood.

Why do I love The Burke? I’ve always loved to sing, but have never found the courage to grab a mic and belt out Justin Bieber like I can in the shower – until I attended Monday Night Karaoke. The karaoke family took me in and gave me the strength to do something I had only ever dreamed of.

Aside from the entertainment factor, The Burke whips up a mean burger, too. Their CBBR is something out of Burger Heaven. And each time I order one of those bad boys, the staff knows just how I like it: no onions, a side of Sriracha sauce and of course, a pint of Shock Top to wash it all down.

The Burke Beer House/ Facebook
The Burke Beer House/ Facebook

Supporting a local pub like The Burke does more than just create job opportunities for you and your neighbours. A community that stays within its stomping grounds promotes distinctive qualities that help locals thrive economically, environmentally and most importantly, socially.

Staff become your friends, which in turn become your family. It’s human nature to connect with others by socializing. Having a strong, social environment leads to a happier and healthier community.

The Burke Beer House/ Facebook
The Burke Beer House/ Facebook

Thanks to a national initiative by Yellow Pages, a local shopping awareness campaign called Shop The Neighbourhood celebrates small businesses, like The Burke Beer House. The campaign encourages people in the community to adopt healthy and sustainable shopping habits by supporting local businesses in their communities.

In past years, Shop The Neighbourhood took place over a weekend. But this year, the initiative asks that Canadians shop local all year long. Yellow Pages asks that cities, neighbourhoods and small businesses organize their own Shop The Neighbourhood event on a day that best suits their community.

So, what does local mean to you?

Local is The Burke Beer House; local is you and me; local is coming together as one and seeing our community as not just a place to pass through, but a place to call home.


For more information about Shop The Neighbourhood, follow Yellow Pages on social media and share your favourite small businesses with #ShopTheHood.


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