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Shania Twain Visits Surrey To Launch New Clubhouse

Shania Twain Visits Surrey To Launch New Clubhouse For Children

Shania Twain is currently in Vancouver for the launch of her new and last career tour. In between her back-to-back shows, Twain visited Surrey to launch the Shania Kids Can program, a clubhouse dedicated to providing children with support that they’re not receiving at home, including healthy food and counselling.

The foundation’s vision is to “provide children who are at risk of losing their opportunity to be the best they can be, because they are suffering from poverty, disregard, abuse or an overall dysfunctional family lifestyle, the chance to overcome the effects that these challenges may be having on their ability to function at an optimum level during the school day,” according to its website.

During her visit to Surrey, Twain mentioned that the clubhouse will be the sixth of its kind in Canada, and will provide children with “basic simple things we take for granted” to help children get through the day with confidence.

“ Regardless of how much talent you have, you need support” said Twain. “And without support… you will most likely fall through the cracks.”

The queen of country music pointed out that the charity is unpopular due to many Canadians not being aware of the problems children face.

Shania Twain’s goal is to continue expanding the program across the country, with the next clubhouse to open in Saskatchewan.


Image via Shania Kids Can

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