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10 Secret Places To Explore In British Columbia

British Columbia / Secret Places In BC

Photo: @jamesstevensonphoto / Instagram

There are a number of famous locations in British Columbia to explore. In fact, some of them getting so much attention they’re becoming problematic.

For example, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park Hike is one of the most Instagrammed hikes in all of British Columbia; however, it may soon cost a fee to hike the popular route due to a soaring rate of visitation. In fact, the trail becomes so packed that at times it is actually dangerous.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 10 secret places in BC with stunning scenery but little to no crowds.

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Secret Places in BC

Hot Springs Cove

Only accessible by boat or plane, these beautiful hot springs offer a remote and rugged wilderness scape. Hot Springs Cove is a hidden gem nestled in Clayoquot Sound of Maquinna Marine Provincial Park—just 30 km northwest of Tofino. The pools range in temperature from 109 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius, so they are perfect for soaking achey muscles.

Natural Infinity Pool

natural infinity pool / Secret Places in bc
Photo: Pebbleshoo / Facebook

This breathtaking secret spot is located on a hike to Echo Lake, which is just across the mouth of the Squamish River. In order to reach the natural infinity pool, visitors have to rappel down; the rappel is anchored off of two bolts on the right wall and it is a 42-feet drop. With that being said, only experienced mountaineers should brave the drop. The sweet reward offers pure relaxation and an unbeatable view!

Galiano Island’s Sandstone Caves

With their creamy sides worn to smooth curves, these sandstone caves are enchanting places to stroll through. And while Galiano Island isn’t exactly a secret place, these caves are certainly a more remote place to enjoy BC’s wilderness. Further,Galiano Island is home to some incredible geological formations, pristine forests, and a range of wildlife. You’ll be able to spot curious deer in the woods, majestic orca whales in the ocean, and numerous species of birds overhead.

Oceanside Swing


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Mystic Beach is located at the end of a hike in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. One of the beach’s most popular activities is a majestic rope swing located right by the ocean. It is the largest one on Vancouver Island, and is therefore hugely popular on Instagram. Of course, the pictures are pretty, but there’s nothing like feeling the cool ocean breeze as you swing freely at the beach.

Mysterious Cave with a Natural Buddha

Photo: Paxson Woelber / Flickr

Vancouver Island has the highest concentration of caves in North America. It has over 1,000 caves because nearly 4% of the island was formed by the erosion of soluble rocks. One of the most fascinating caves, however, is the one one to known as the ‘smiling buddha room,’ located in the Horne Lake Provincial Park. It doesn’t take a great deal of creativity to spot the image of buddha sitting serenely above a reflecting pool.

Shark Diving in the Flora Inlet

Sharks / Secret Places in bc
Photo: SF Brit / Flickr

Hornby Island’s Flora Inlet is a rocky reef that is one of the very few places on the planet where divers can swim with six-gill sharks. In addition, the incredible waters are home to Stellar Sea Lions as well as a litany of other fascinating marine inhabitants. These sharks usually spend their time in extremely deep water, and divers are unable to withstand the pressure. At the Flora Inlet, however, they spend their summers in the shallow waters along the reef, which provides an ideal depth for viewing.

Othello Tunnels (Currently Closed)


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As old as the country itself, the Othello Tunnels are truly a sight to behold. Made up of a series of five tunnels and multiple bridges in between, the cliffs are straight granite, at a massive 3,000 feet tall. Located north of Hope, the tunnels have concrete and wood supports from the inside. Once inside, visitors can hear the powerful rapids as they cash through the gorge.

Aquamarine Swimming Hole in Maple Ridge


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This lovely lazy river in Maple Ridge ends in a beautiful swimming hole. With crystal clear, aquamarine waters rippling gently in the summer breeze, you want to float for hours in Davidson’s Pool! What’s more, its one of the less popular swimming spots in Metro Vancouver, and therefore you won’t be competing with massive crowds.

Emperor Falls


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The majestic Emperor Falls towers an impressive 150 feet high. From there, its cascading flow strikes the cliff face below, which creates a breathtaking spray. Located in the Rocky Mountains, the falls are set against a stunning backdrop. What’s more, Mount Robson Provincial Park is a highly sought after campground. The surrounding area is truly magnificent, with over 217,000 hectares of mostly undisturbed wilderness.

Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

Cabana Desolation Eco Resort / Secret Places in bc
Photo: Cabana Desolation Eco Resort

The ultimate secluded sanctuary, the Cabana Desolation Eco Resort provides the ideal setting for rest and relaxation. Set on the the uninhabited Kinghorn Island, the resort has a maximum capacity of 10-12 guests at a time. As a result, visitors are afforded with an exclusive and peaceful retreat. Moreover, the artfully structured resort places each cabana in a strategic position on the island, so you’ll have the most awe-inspiring views possible.

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