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Scooter Sharing Will Be A New First For Vancouver

Scooter Sharing Will Be A New First For Vancouver

Given Vancouver’s vast interest in car sharing services, it comes as no surprise that a scooter sharing service will cruise into the city this summer.

Saturna Green Systems plans to roll-out the new service this June with a fleet of 100 scooters, that will be able to travel up to speeds of 45 km an hour, and travel 50 km on one charge.

To operate a scooter, users will need to sign up with their regular drivers license. The new service plans to focus on convenience, and won’t require scooters to be parked in a specific location after your use.

Just like Evo and Car2Go, users can park the scooters anywhere, and track them through a mobile application and their own unique code. Once you find a scooter, you can enter your code to activate the moped and be on your way. While driving, the scooter will track your travels and record them in your account.

The company is currently working out its pricing structure, and trying to overcome a helmet issue arounding hygiene. At the moment, the company plans to issue a new helmet to each user who signs up, equipped with hair nets and/or shower caps for sanitary reasons.

Pricing will likely include a $15 monthly fee, and around $0.25 per kilometre.


Image via Saturna Green Systems

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