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Science World ‘Science of Sexuality’ Ads Cause Stir

science world sex ad

One of Science World’s current exhibitions: The Science of Sexuality. Discover human connections: the expressions and passions of young attraction.
This self-guided exhibition which runs until September 2nd,  explores the different stages of human sexual development from conception to body transformations that lead to first love, to the discovery of attraction, seduction, desire and intimacy. By presenting a positive image of sexuality and exploring what science has revealed about the topic, the exhibition hopes to provide visitors with enough information on the many issues of sexuality to make enlightened and responsible decisions.

In other words, it’s a program that goes into the science of sexuality and offers great information for those curious and is recommended for anyone the age of twelve and up.

In order to promote the exhibition, Science World has released a series of advertisements which is causing quite the stir in, and outside the 604. Several countries overseas and the U.S. have labeled the campaign “inappropriate” and  even “disturbing”. Around Vancouver, two of the three ADs have been banned from local bus stops, where Science World advertises its exhibits often.

“We just wanted to kind of show off the personality of Science World in the sense that we’re really serious about our science facts, but we also want to make science fun and engaging.” – Andre Coronado, Science World marketing assistant.

Here’s the ADs, let us know what you think about them by commenting below:

science world sex ad

science world sex ad

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