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Savvy Seal Escapes Orca Pod Off The Sunshine Coast (Video)

Photo: Nick Templeman/FB

A new video has gone viral showing a scared yet savvy seal escaping a pod of orca whales by jumping on a boat.

Nick Templeman, owner of Campbell River Whale & Bear Excursions, took his parents and a friend out on a boat ride off the Sunshine Coast.

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They were then surprised to not only see a pod of orca whales, but also a seal being hunted by them and trying to swim for its life.

While the seal seemed scared of the humans, it decided that jumping onto the boat was its only chance for survival.

Watch the incredible video below that Templeman uploaded to his Facebook page.

This isn’t the first marine encounter this summer. Two weeks ago, a pair humpback whales surprised BC kayakers by putting on an unannounced but spectacular show.

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