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Ryan Reynolds Drinks The Grossest Gin Cocktail on The Tonight Show

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Photo: YouTube

Vancity Reynolds stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon this week to promote his gin company Aviation American Gin.


The pair discussed how Reynolds got into the liquor business which he revealed started at a Vancouver restaurant that he visited frequently while shooting a movie in his hometown.

He went back and ordered the Negroni drink “about eight more times” and finally had the courage to ask what was in it, the answer: Aviation American Gin. Reynolds was then able to “weasel” his way into the Portland-based company as an owner.

Reynold’s quirky out-of-office email replies were a topic of discussion. He also revealed his actual company email address which The Tonight Show further shared on their YouTube channel and Twitter. It led to his servers crashing:

They faced off in a special edition of Drinko featuring Aviation American Gin. Reynolds first had to drink a Twinkies, Grape Soda & Gin cocktail dubbed the “Ruth Baider Ginsburg”. Fallon faced a weird Twinkies & Horseradish combo which he inevitably coughed up.

They both then created a Grape Soda, Kombucha & Gin mix which Ryan added Blood, Bone Broth and Bacon Egg & Cheese and downed like a true anti-hero.


Watch the whole cocktail concoction game between Reynolds and Fallon below:

They also discussed Deadpool 2 – its bonus material, Brad Pitt’s cameo and the original plot idea.

Despite his willingness to drink disgusting cocktails, wife and best friend Blake Lively still finds her boo Ryan Reynolds sexy AF:



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