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Ryan Kesler Not Happy With Alain Vigneaults Comment On His Game

Many people, including Ryan Kesler, are not pleased with the comment made by coach Alain Vigneault, on Ryan Keslers Sunday night game.

“I think he has to use the players around him a little bit more so that he can get into open space and create the type of offensive chances and be the type of defensive player that he can be” Vigneault said.

The comment was made after Sunday’s 4-2 loss to the Anaheim Ducks when Vigneault was asked what was wrong with Kesler.

Kesler Responded to the comment made by coach Vigneault by stating:

“Me utilize my players? Obviously, I don’t know what he means by that and if he wants to say that he can come to me and talk to me about it.” He added, “I am going to play my game, the things that have made me successful. I know what that is and if he wants to come talk to me he is more than welcome.”

Kesler had off-season hip surgery and missed the first five games of the regular season and does acknowledge it took him some time to feel like he had completely recovered from his hip surgery when he returned this season.

When asked Monday if he was living up to his own expectations this season, Kesler said: “Some games, yeah. Obviously, no one is perfect. I am far from it. I go on the ice expecting the best and I am going to expect the best tomorrow night.”

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