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An Oceanside Swing Awaits You At The End Of This Ancient Rainforest Hike on Vancouver Island

Mystic Beach

Photo: KaseyEriksen / Flickr

Home to breathtaking coastlines, ancient forests, charming towns, exhilarating surfing, and much more, Vancouver Island is a popular choice for tourists across the globe.

While it can be hard to avoid the crowds in the Island’s popular destinations, a nearly secluded beach on its south coast offers a different feel; it promises to delight travellers seeking an exclusive, profoundly memorable experience.

Shrouded in enchantment, and stunningly beautiful, Mystic Beach is located at the end of a hike in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. The trek takes some time, but it is very worthwhile.


The Journey to Mystic Beach

The journey begins with a winding, whimsical trail through towering Western red cedar and Sitka spruce trees. There are twisting log stairways down this hauntingly picturesque path, which means that the entire experience requires a bit of physical exertion.


By the end of the hike, however, the traveler is gifted with the magnificent beauty of Mystic Beach. Huge, limestone cliffs rise high above the pebbled shores that line the ocean. Waterfalls pierce the rock cliffs in glorious artistry, and miles of greenery run parallel to the shimmering Pacific Ocean.


One of the beach’s most popular activities is a majestic rope swing located right by the ocean. It is the largest one on Vancouver Island, and is hugely popular on Instagram as a result.



During the summer months tourists can expect to see Steller and California sea lions. Grey whales also frequent the water along the beach.

For travellers staying in Victoria, this destination makes for a fantastic journey. For example, many trips, such as Tofino, require a great deal of travel time. Juan de Fuca Provincial Park is located just an hour outside of Victoria, which makes it an ideal day trip from the city.

For some tips on how to get to the island this year, take a look at our handy list here.


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