Did You Know? Robin Williams’ Jumanji Movie Filmed in Vancouver

Did You Know? Robin Williams’ Jumanji Movie Filmed in Vancouver

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has gone on to be a huge box office success since its December 2017 release. In fact, it’s Dwayne Johnson’s highest grossing movie in the States to date. A sequel is already underway which will make it the third film in the Jumanji franchise.

Johnson’s co-star Kevin Hart is bringing his Irresponsible Tour to Vancouver this Spring. The Rock on the other hand has some more blockbusters on the way including Skyscraper which filmed in Vancouver last year and is slated for release on July 13. It premiered its first teaser trailer during the Super Bowl. Also, Rampage, loosely based on the video game, comes out on April 20 aka 4:20.


The original 1995 fantasy adventure movie starred the late Robbin Williams, Kirsten Dunst and Bonnie Hunt. Filming for Jumanji took place from November 14, 1994 to April 7, 1995 in Maine, New Hampshire and British Columbia. In a recent New York Times interview, co-star Jonathan Hyde recollected the strange shoot in Vancouver during winter: “..it’s a wet, cold city. For five months, that became a bit of a drag”.

Filming locations in Hollywood North for the beloved childhood classic included Vancouver and surrounding forests, Maple Ridge Water Park, Burnaby in-studio and Tsawwassen where a mock-up of the Parrish house was created as a set. Fresh powder was trucked in down from the mountains for the Christmas shoots of the house. The exterior house set was torn down after production just like the manor in the Bate’s Motel series which filmed here.

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Stage sets for the inside of the Parrish house were inside Bridge Studio in Burnaby.

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Robin Williams was known for playing at local comedy clubs wherever he was working to blow off steam. He would join locals in improv performances and do solo stand-up comedy. He did so in Vancouver on Monday nights during production of Jumanji. A number of other notable Robin Williams movies were shot in Vancouver including Insomnia (2002), the Night at the Museum trilogy and License to Wed (2007).

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