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Ricky Gervais Raved About Vancouver Beer – Leading To a Beer Named Ricky Tears

Ricky Gervais is coming to Vancouver in 2020

Photo: @rickygervais / Instagram

Comedian Ricky Gervais has requested a charity for Parallel 49 to donate to, after they temporarily renamed their beer, Ricky Tears.

Gervais replied to the brewery’s tweet, nominating Ontario-based sanctuary farm Ester The Pig.

“The brewer reached out to us,” said co-founder Steve Jenkins to CTV News, “and [Gervais has] reached out now since, and . . . it’s become kind of a funny little thing.”

The charity houses 75 animals in need, including 31 pigs. Donations will help cover the cost of shelter, food and healthcare for the animals, said Jenkins.

[Updated March 3, 2020]

Comedian Ricky Gervais has always had a love affair with Vancouver and has made it known over numerous trips.

While the English celebrity has posted photos of Vancouver and tweeted about how he “f*cking loves Vancouver.”

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But apparently he’s not just a fan of our scenery – he thinks the beer here is pretty great too.

A Twitter follower recently asked Gervais what his favourite brand of beer is and he took that moment to praise Vancouver’s Parallel 49.

I remember thinking ‘Gypsies Tears’ in Vancouver was the best beer I’d ever tasted though,” he replied.


That’s quite a compliment to the Red Ale (now named Ruby Tears)!

When Parallel 49 heard the news, they said they weren’t opposed to renaming the beer Ricky Tears or creating a new beer called “Ricky Gerveza Mexican lager”


The company spokesperson did say they were prepared to donate toward an animal charity of Gervais’ choice, given the comedian is a renowned animal rights activist.

Gervais is the creator behind the U.K The Office and actor in several other shows, including After Life. 

He’s returning to Vancouver this summer for his comedy show, so you may just see him at the brewery.

Gervais isn’t the only one to praise B.C. however – Chris Pratt posted a video recently, attesting to the province’s beauty.

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