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Richmond Markets Compete This Summer Season

This weekend marked the grand opening of Richmond’s newest Night Market, a market that had people skeptical of it’s popularity, due to the fact that Richmond already has an existing Summer Night Market that opened for the 2012 season last weekend. Contrary to disbelief by some, the new Richmond Night Market actually had quite the turn out, proving that there’s enough room for the two markets in one city.

Paul Cheung, founder of the original Summer Market on Vulcan Way, nearby the IKEA in Richmond, says that he’s surprised by the 18,000 visitors his market had pass through last weekend on it’s opening night, an increase from the 2011 season opening night visitor count of approximately 13,000. The kind of number’s reported are typically numbers seen on peak weekends starting from June, and not so early on in the season.

While the Vulcan Way Market had it’s turnout, so did the newest Market near the River Rock Casino. Richmond resident Graeme Bone, claims that the bus going down No.3 road nearby the market wouldn’t budge due to high traffic of vehicles, so he simply got off the bus there and started walking towards the market. For Bone, the crowds and lineups didn’t frustrate him, as both markets remind him of one’s he’s gone to when he lived in Taiwan, giving both markets authenticity while living up to it’s culture.

Raymond Cheung, founder of the newest market and Paul Cheung, founder of the summer market, don’t necessarily get along as Paul took over the original Richmond Night Market that Raymond first established back in 2000, but was forced to close in 2007 due to rent increase, which was when Paul came in, set up a similar market in the same location referred to as the Summer Night Market, causing Raymond to file a lawsuit agains’t Paul which ended up settling in 2009 for $15,000.

While Paul slightly criticizes Raymond’s new market, which offers free parking, but however charges a $1 entrance fee per guest, he is still confident in his own market’s success. Regardless of the feuding between the two, it’s evident after this weekend that there is room for two night markets in Richmond, and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the season will unfold!

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