Multiple Cars Ignore Pedestrian, Hero Blocks Lane To Let Her Cross (VIDEO)

Richmond driver

When we usually write about a Richmond driver, it usually involves someone with a terrible parking job, or a motorist nearly running a red light.

However, it’s different this time!

A video uploaded to the Facebook page Richmond Learns to Drive shows a pedestrian trying to cross the road at the intersection of Cooney Road and Park Road near Richmond Centre.

As the woman prepares to step onto the pedestrian crosswalk, she waits for traffic on both sides of the road to first stop.

Dashcam footage shows a car in the left lane stop for the pedestrian to cross, but three cars in the right lane, the nearest one to the pedestrian, all fail to stop.

With no choice, the Richmond driver in the right lane moves his car to block the right lane to allow the pedestrian to cross.

You can see the full video below:

Someone give this driver a gold medal!

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