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Richmond Council Furious With City’s Odour Problem

The Metro Vancouver regional district has once again received demands from the Richmond City Council to take stricter measures against the re-occurring odour problem in the city.

The strong odour stems from Harvest Power’s composting operation, and has Richmond’s mayor and public up in arms.

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Harvest Power is located at 7028 York Road in East Richmond, and is in charge of all compost operations in the city.

“Harvest Power provides an important service regionally, but odours from the facility have been unacceptable, for far too long,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “Richmond City Council has repeatedly called upon Metro Vancouver and Harvest Power for solutions to eliminate odours from the facility, but the complaints keep increasing.”

The city’s frustration over the odour management is understandable, especially because Harvest Power was issued a new Metro Vancouver air quality permit that will extend to April, 2018.

Council reports that they have sent countless letters to Metro Vancouver and other responsible parties over the past year, clearly voicing their displeasure.

Steps have been taken to address the problem says Mayor Malcolm Brodie, but they still remain inadequate.

“The complaint hotline is inadequate. Your message is received but most often it’s unclear how, or if, your concern was addressed”

With this in mind Richmond council is taking steps to involve the public more to voice their opinions.

Concerned citizens can call the Metro Vancouver’s odour complaint hotline at 604‑436-6777, or visit online here.

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