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BC Provides Richmond With $16.6 Million For Flood Mitigation Project


The City of Richmond will be receiving $16.6 million to go towards an extensive flood mitigation project.

The plan was outlined in the 2016 provincial budget, in regards to public safety funding. The multi-million-dollar project will upgrade multiple pump stations across the city.

Richmond is the highest-risk area in BC for snow and ice melt flooding. The plan will ensure major infrastructures such as the Vancouver International Airport and SkyTrain will be protected in the event there is a flood.

“Richmond is an island community, surrounded by water. Richmond’s 49 kilometres of dike and the supporting drainage system is a critical part of our civic infrastructure, protecting us from the threat of flooding. We must continually strive to improve this network to address both current threats and emerging risks from climate change,” said Malcolm Brodie, the Mayor of Richmond. “This new funding will help Richmond address this important need for our community. We look forward to continued strong collaboration in the future as we work together to keep our B.C. communities safe and our economy strong.”

In the 2016 budget, the BC government allocated a total of $65 million to ensure the safety of citizens—with $16 million going towards public safety preparedness initiatives and the remaining $49 million to go towards community hazard mitigation iniatives.

Naomi Yamamoto, the Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness also weighed in.

“Our government values the safety of all British Columbians. Anything we can do to identify risk and prepare for risk is a step in the right direction. That’s why our government is investing in flood mitigation projects across the province. We applaud communities like Richmond who are investing in mitigation work and are happy to work collaboratively with them to help limit the risk our citizens could be exposed to in the unfortunate event a disaster strikes.”

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