Vancouver’s Newest Food Challenge Is Almost Here

Rice Burger

An all-new food challenge is about to drop in Vancouver. If you’re the kind of person who thrives on these challenges of eating copious amounts of food until you feel sick—then get ready for this.

Rice Burger has unveiled the newest food challenge in the city and it looks like quite a feat.

Starting March 15th, you can dig into this platter made up of not one, not two but three of their Farmhouse burgers, which have chicken, beef, pork, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and their housemade teriyaki sauce.

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If you think that sounds like a breeze, well think again. Because you’ll also have to polish off one whole pound of fries and another pound of their signature popcorn chicken.

And the time crunch is real, at just 20 minutes given to finish it. But if you can tackle it successfully, you will be rewarded with bragging rights, a T-shirt and a free meal. If you surrender, get ready to fork up $35.

Rice Burger

Location: 2630 Sasamat Street, Vancouver

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