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You Can Fly Direct, Return Vancouver To Cancun For $278 CAD (Incl Tax)

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A blissful, summery escape, Cancun never disappoints. If you had enough of Vancouver’s tempestuous winter weather, you’re in for a real treat.

While the Pacific side of Mexico is beautiful, the water doesn’t have that stunning, turquoise colour that is renowned on social media and in the hearts of all of those who’ve seen it. Once you take in the white sand beaches on the Cancun strip and gaze out on the endless, sparkling ocean, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

Now, Interjet is making this sunny destination a great deal more affordable with their spring discounts. In fact, you can get a whopping 70% off of the regular fare. A return ticket from Monday, April 9th until  Friday, April 20th only cost $278.94 CAD including all tax.

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And, if you like to party, you can partake in some serious fun. While there are plenty of places to go if you aren’t a partier, Cancun’s downtown core at night is jam-packed with clubs, party-goers, and even dancing in the street. One of the most, if not the most famous club, is Coco Bongo.  Renowned for it entertainment-themed style, it is an immersive and utterly wild club experience.

With designer shopping, delicious cuisine, and tons of fun activities to try, you’ll never feel bored in this city. Also, it isn’t far to travel to some ancient ruins that will transport you back in time or to go snorkeling and discover a whole other world beneath the ocean’s surface.

Travel tip: Please keep in mind that Mexico is generally safe in the tourist areas, however, some useful tips will ensure that your stay runs smoothly. First, if you are withdrawing money, it is always a wise idea to do so during daylight hours and preferably inside of a banking institution. Also, it is wise not to discuss your travel plans within an earshot of strangers or when you plan to take out money or things of that nature. If you plan on hailing a cab, ask the hotel to arrange one from you rather than doing so. It is wiser to let them handle that then risk getting into a vehicle with a potentially dangerous individual.

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