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Renovated BC Place Leaves Fans Dissapointed

On Friday, more than 50,000 football fans crowded the stadium to watch the BC Lions battle the Edmonton Eskimos. Many fans were left frustrated with long lines and service problems despite BC Place’s newly-completed $563-million renovation.

One fan told CTV News,
“We waited 45 minutes in line for a beer, 45 minutes, It’s a joke.”

Another fan said,
“We went to a food stand, they didn’t have any food. We went all the way to the other side of the stadium, no food, I’m never going to a Lions game again.”

Some blamed both the management of the stadium and the unionized workers, who took a strike vote last week. BC Place general manager Howard Crosley said the last-minute renovations meant staff training was cut short, and that a high level of absenteeism also played a role.

Crosley stated,

“Two thirds of our staff are new and about 20 per cent of the new staff that were called into work did not show, We’ve addressed the service issues and are confident that we will have a better show tomorrow.”

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