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Real Housewives Of Vancouver Score A Second Season

Just hours before the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Vancouver hits the air tonight the twittersphere is all a, well, twitter, about the fact RHOV is getting a second season. Duh, ratings have been great, it’s the Slice network’s No. 1 series, and it has been a top trending topic in this city since the concept was announced well over a year ago. Yes, it has and if you deny that you are as deluded as a cornered Jody Claman.

Makes sense the info is out now as they would want to start shooting the show during the summer. After all no one wants to see a sequined tank top-wearing RHOV standing out front of the Loden Hotel shivering in the November rain. That makes about as much sense as naming a booze product after an addiction treatment.

Being a reporter I did my due diligence and I reached out to the Slice network for confirmation and was told the network would “definitely like to comment on this,” but it couldn’t today because all its executives were at the “upfronts,” (upfronts are when TV networks go in front of media buyers/advertisers and sell their programming. You know the programming that benefits from publicity). But an hour later a press release appeared and confirmed the network was indeed green lighting its No. 1 series.

Anyway network types said they could be available to comment tomorrow. So standby RHOV fans for me to reprint this posting tomorrow but with actual comments from actual suits in Toronto.

Network quotes stamp aside, most of the the Housewives (Reiko I think was too busy talking about composite fibres or something) themselves are tweeting about the second season order.

Below are what the two most interesting and exclamation point-loving RHOV are saying…

Jody Claman posted (and we all know Jody always tells the truth, right?):

“yay!!!! Just heard #RHOV is back for a second season :) ))” I am back!!! LOL!!”

Mary Zilba, the drama magnet said:

“Season 2. I end up in the loonie bin!!!”


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