RCMP Reveal Where They’ll Be Performing ‘Travel Road Checks’ This Week

travel road checks

The RCMP will introduce their first road checks this week as part of British Columbia’s latest efforts to restrict non-essential travel.

There will be 4 road-check locations set up starting Thursday May 6, on highways that connect southwest B.C. with the rest of the province. These are happening to limit travel into or out of one’s designated travel region.

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said the public would be notified in advance of travel road checks and if stopped will be asked to provide a purpose of their trip.


Where Travel Road Checks Will Be Set-Up

B.C. RCMP will be checking the following locations starting Thursday:

  •  Highway 99 near Lillooet
  •  Highway 1 in the Boston Bar area
  •  Highway 5 in the Old Toll Booth area
  •  Highway 3 near Manning Park

BC travel road checksFurthermore there will be signs posted along the routes to tell drivers there are checks ahead and will also provide safe U-turn directions.

What They Will Check For

First and foremost, you will be asked if your travel is essential (clearly). You will then be asked to provide an ID with your name and address. If it is deemed non-essential, you will be told to leave the region.

Failure to comply or refusal from drivers will land them at $575 ticket.

Commercial vehicles will not be subject to these checks. As a result, RCMP does warn to expect traffic delays.


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