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Rare Bird Sighting Causing A Frenzy On Vancouver Island

Birders on Vancouver are jumping for joy after multiple sightings of a small bird that is usually not seen outside of Europe and Asia.

Typically referred to as a redwing, or sometimes a turdus iliacus, the small bird is often confused with a robin due to its size and brown color.

According to bird watchers, this is only the second time the redwing has been spotted in British Columbia, which has led to a ‘rare bird alert’ sent out across the province.

The bird was first spotted on December 19, 2015, and multiple times up until January 4th, 2016. The Victoria Natural History Society’s rare bird alert has reached masses of enthusiasts across Canada and Western America, ultimately drawing a flock of bird watchers to the Island who are eager to get photos of the redwing before it migrates back to Asia in the spring.


Image via Daniel Donnecke

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