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Gangs Of Raccoons Are Hunting And Killing Cats In Greater Vancouver Area


While they aren’t known as aggressive predators, the of cats attacked by raccoons has recently shot up.

What’s more, these stripy-tailed scavengers have even been killing cats. Although this isn’t a new phenomenon, it isn’t usually common. What’s particularly noteworthy, however, is the severity of the attacks.

Not only are racoons attacking felines, but they are fatally wounding them. In Abbotsford, for example, the nocturnal creatures have killed numerous cats this year already.

With that being said, this isn’t the first time the animals have acted ferociously. In September 2017, A woman and her tiny dog were walking in a Vancouver neighbourhood when a pack of vicious raccoons reportedly attacked them. They were able to escape, but her dog suffered massive injuries.

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Racoon Killings

CBC News spoke to an Abbotsford Veterinary clinic that is warning the public to keep their cats inside. While the clinic usually sees one or two attacks per year, that number rose significantly. In fact, they’ve seen 20 this year alone.

Raccoons aren’t known predators, so these attacks are somewhat perplexing. With that in mind, they are protective of food sources.

“That easy source of food is probably not cats, she said. But, it might be the feline’s own food, if it’s left outside. Raccoons can be very territorial and protective of food sources; if they consider another animal a threat, they may look to run it off,” reports The Abbotsford News.

The animals are also attacking cats in packs. So, a gang of three, four, or more raccoons will circle the feline, leaving it little chance for escape.


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