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All Domestic Travel In Canada Will Require A Proof Of Vaccination By Month End

Vaccinated Canadians Travel To Europe

Travelling within Canada is about to get a little tighter in terms of restrictions.

The federal government announced this week that all domestic travel in Canada will require a proof of vaccination. There will be a transition period and some requirements may be up to the provinces.

Whether travelling by air, rail, or water, the new rule will apply to everyone as of October 30, 2021.

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Vaccine Requirement to Travel Domestically

All travellers 12 years old and up must be fully vaccinated in order to board a plane, train, or marine vessel. This goes for any domestic travel in Canada, however near or far.

Combinations of approved vaccines are accepted. The last dose must have been received at least 14 days prior to travelling.

Note that this differs from international travel. Mixed vaccines are not currently accepted at all international destinations. Travellers are advised to check the country’s requirements before booking their flights.

Some provinces are also offering a 3rd shot to people who had previously received mixed doses. However, a booster shot has not been recommended at this time.

Exceptions and Testing Requirements

If you are fully vaccinated, a negative test will no longer be required 72 hours prior to your travel.

If you are not yet fully vaccinated, there is a transition period where you can show a negative test result instead. This will only be valid until November 30, 2021, and will not be an option after that date.

If you received a vaccine outside of Canada that is not on the approved list, you must contact your local health authority for information on how to proceed before travelling.

If you are unable to receive the vaccine due to medical reasons, Health Canada is still working on a way to apply for exemptions, but the process is not yet clear.


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