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Charges Dropped Against Mission Principal Involved In Creep Catchers Sting

Creep Catchers

Photo: Creep Catchers

It appears former Mission principal Jason Alan Obert is getting off easy.

The Crown has stayed a charge of child luring against the former Mission elementary school principal following a sting operation involving the Creep Catchers in October of last year.

It was alleged that Obert visited Abbotsford’s Sevenoaks Shopping Centre to meet a teenage girl that he had been chatting with online. In reality, the teenage girl was a decoy. The “meeting” resulted in a confrontation with members of the Fraser Valley Creep Catchers.

The video of Obert’s encounter was posted online shortly after the encounter and several parents recognized him. This prompted a police investigation, leading to charges a month later.

According to Global News, the Crown has decided to dismiss this charge. Instead, Obert must obey a nine month peace bond that comes with attached conditions.

The details of the conditions have not yet been made public.

The charges were stayed due to the manner in which the Creep Catcher’s group bait supposed pedophiles.

Crown Counsel had doubts about the admissibility of evidence, and the manner it which it was obtained adds Global News.

Original Arrest

Upon his original release, Obert was prohibited from being in contact with anyone under the age of 18 except his children.

Furthermore, he was not allowed to engage with anyone under the age of 18 on computers and social media.

Both conditions of his release also came with the stipulation of staying away from public places where children may be present.

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