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Premier Christy Clark Admits She’s Tried Marijuana


During an interview yesterday, Premier Christy Clark admitted that she has tried marijuana back in her high school days at Burnaby South Senior Secondary in the 1980s. A reporter had asked her if she’s ever partaken in the drug and she admits that there was a lot of marijuana usage occurring during her days of high school, and she didn’t avoid it altogether.

Though Clark was truthful and honest in her answering, she admits she was hesitant to answer the question, because she believes that when you grow up, you leave your adolescence behind. Clark states that questions like these aren’t great ones to answer because we want to be role models for our children, and so on. No word on whether the premier smoked or ingested the marijuana through “pot brownies” which are popular in BC high schools.

What are your thoughts on  Clark trying marijuana?

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