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Potential Seawall To Be Built Between Kitsilano & Jericho Beaches

The Vancouver park board is considering building a sea wall in between Kitsilano and Jericho beaches. The idea of filling this 2.5 km gap comes after a private donor offered to kick start the project with their donation of tens of millions towards the project.

Though the idea sounds good, there poses many controversies with it. Some of Vancouver’s most expensive homes reside in the area’s where the potential sea wall will be built, meaning that the shoreline in front of these houses will need to be altered, due to high tides and the rearranging of the high concrete walls that help control those tides now.

However, if the plan were to go through, it would be a legacy that belongs to Vancouver forever, as the 2.5 km seawall would connect Point Grey to False Creek and Stanley Park.

The city is still figuring out potential routes and plans, however nothing will occur without public opinion, which the city is seeking now.

Do you think the addition of the sea wall is a good idea, or just unnecessary?

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