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Pop Up Party Shop At The Cross

Pop Up Party Shop at the Cross

Vancouver has a hidden fashion scene that not many people know about. The 604 is home of many amazing designers and talents. If you look hard enough, or know where to look, you are able to find amazing fashion events in the city.

Pop Up Party Shop at the Cross

On Thursday October 23, 2014, The Cross Decor & Design, located in Yaletown, hosted a PARTYSKIRTS by SKOT Apparel and Leah Alexandra pop up shop. This event was open to the public to shop the designer’s products. This was also the launch of the Pink Champagne PARTYSKIRT by SKOT Apparel.


PARTYSKIRTS by SKOT Apparel was started by two sisters, Lauren and Mariel Armstrong, by accident. The two made their own girly, high volumed skirts and then immediately were asked to make more. The two have travelled much before settling back in Vancouver. Lauren studied in New York while Mariel in Los Angeles. “Coming back to Vancouver was a no brainer. It such a  beautiful city. It has been really supportive for being an entrepreneur in” said Lauren Armstrong.

This party launched the brand new PARTYSKIRT for the fall collection. “We worked closely with The Cross and they actually picked the pink champagne which we were totally down for because its a colour we absolutely love as well” Lauren Armstrong said.

“It really suits their brand and ours. We felt it complemented our fall colours really nicely. It was a nice soft hue which we didn’t actually have in our fall collection” Mariel Armstrong added.

These silk skirts are a high demand, especially by Vancouverites wanting to make a statement. “I think that every woman should have a classic black, short party skirt. I think it’s the perfect thing to wear day to night. I wear mine with anything from a bathing suit to a sweater and tights in the winter and with my rain boots” Mariel Armstrong suggests.

“I always say go for a bright PARTYSKIRT for your first one because you want to stand out and you’ll make more of an impact that way.” Lauren Armstrong said.


The two have recently collaboration with Keds Shoes that will be launching in March. For their brand, they will also be having a full length skirt to add to the two lengths, as well as a bridal collection.

If you want to make an impact with a simple piece, you can find PARTYSKIRTS in Holt Renfrew and in boutiques such as Rebbecca Bree, Blubird, and LYNNstevenson around Vancouver.

Leah Alexandra was also featured at this pop-up shop. This jewelry designer has her pieces sold internationally as well as locally. You can find this jewelry in shops such as Blue Ruby, The Cross Decor & Design and Hills of Kerrisdale.

Originally from Toronto, Leah has made the switch to Vancouver for good. “I actually moved here for a guy 10 years ago, but I am here now” said Leah.

Leah has been designing her handmade jewelry for eight years. She takes a lot of inspiration from her summers spent in Cape Cod but also brings Vancouver into her visions. “I get inspiration from the beaches here. I recently moved my studio to Gastown. I love the energy down there. I get inspired by the people” Leah said.

Pop Up Party Shop at the Cross

Leah Alexandra’s designs are handmade in Vancouver. The gemstones shes uses are hand selected. “My favourite piece in my collection are the wing ear climbers that I’m wearing. They’ve been selling out like crazy” Leah said.

Recently, Leah has had local fashion blogger and Secret Location buyer, Cara Mcleay, model her pieces in her fall lookbook. Cara Mcleay was also spotted at the pop-up shop. Mcleay was wearing both a PARTYSKIRT and Leah Alexandra jewelry.

You might have seen celebrities such as Jessica Alba or Reese Witherspoon wearing her jewelry, or you may have seen it in magazines such as Sports Illustrated. If you want to join with these celebrities, these handmade pieces are a great way for you to make a statement while walking around the 604.

If you are looking to purchase either from PARTYSKIRTS by SKOT Apparel or Lauren Alexandra from the comfort of your own home, both can be ordered online.

Written by Megan Renaud

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