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Police Impound & Fine An “L” Driver For Speeding In A Mercedes-Maybach

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Photo: @baldguy1363 / Twitter

An “L” driver just had their $200,000 Maybach-Mercedes Benz impounded for excessive speeding in Vancouver.

Police caught the driver speeding 100 km/hour over the Cambie St. Bridge, Friday, which is double the speed limit. 

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“Unfortunately not that uncommon,” tweeted Sgt. Mark Christensen, “but this driver was a learner with a supervisor.”

Police fined the driver $386 for speeding and $109 for not having their “L” posted on the back of the vehicle. The Maybach will also be at an impound for a week.

It’s not the first time police caught a new driver, with an expensive car, speeding in Vancouver. An “N” driver and his friend got their luxury cars impounded for speeding in 2018.

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