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Police Visited 2,200 Homes To Ensure Canadians Are Self-Isolating After Travel

Covid-19 Tests for Travellers

Photo: Vancouver International Airport

To ensure Canadians are self-isolating after travel, police have visited the houses of nearly 2,200 people.

Canadians who come back into the country must self-isolate for 14 days after returning, whether they have COVID-19 symptoms or not.

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That order came into effect in March, which meant travellers had to complete a contract saying they will quarantine.


Police are then checking up on those people through phone calls. Or if they don’t get a response, police will make a house visit.

Most of those visits took place in Ontario, with 705 visits. Whereas B.C. has gotten 254 visits.

Those who don’t follow the self-isolating rules are subject to $750,000 fines or up to six months in jail.

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