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Officials Suspect Someone Poisoned Meat After Dogs Fall Ill, Coyotes Die

B.C. Coyotes

Photo: Robert Larsson / Unsplash

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service is investigating after animals died or got sick from poisoning in recent weeks.

A statement said two coyotes were found dead near Pemberton Meadows area in the last several weeks. And a third was found more recently on Wednesday.

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“Subsequent testing confirmed the animals died from poisoning,” the statement read.


Meanwhile, the B.C. services said dogs around the area also got sick from contaminated processed meat. 

All required veterinary care but survived,” said the statement.

According to the B.C. Wildlife Act, people can face fines of up to $250,000 for intentionally poisoning animals.

So, if anyone has information regarding the Pemberton Meadows area, B.C. Conservation Officer Services ask people to contact them.

In other wildlife news, Grouse Mountain’s two resident grizzly bears recently returned from hibernation.

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