PHOTO: Parking Fail At Richmond Centre

Richmond Centre

No matter what parking lot you enter, you are bound to find bad parking job, and on a rare occasion, a parking disaster.

The image below was recently taken in the Richmond Centre parking lot after a driver of a Lexus SUV attempted to park in between two vehicles but somehow managed to hit both of them. The parking space appears to be of average size so it’s hard to imagine how things could go so wrong.

Who would you hate to be, the driver of the car on the left or the van on the right?

Richmond Centre
Photo Credit: @geepoon

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  • James

    It’s a lexus SUV

  • The Stig

    Terminate that driver’s licence immediately.

  • Anonymooser

    Hyundai needs a new bumper assembly, Honda is probably totaled considering the repairs will be more expensive than the value of the car.

  • Richmond man

    Fucking chink

  • Annonymous

    Disappointed in my own racial group seriously… if you can’t drive for shit then don’t bother driving

  • annonymous

    racist boy, you’re too immature to be a man,

  • How you should spell ANONYMOUS

    Where the fuck does the article state the racial group of the person who was responsible for this parking job? Don’t assume before you know the facts idiot.

  • hrm, just that 95% of the people in Richmond are Asian, and that city has much higher incidences of shit like this than any other in the 604.

  • j

    Fuckin chinamen this Fuckin city will never learn until all their licences are pulled

  • Tim

    you’re an idiot, go to hell

  • gza

    Oh NOEEEE My Rexus got recked!!!!

  • S

    Actually only 60% are Asian. Check the demographics lol

  • S


  • bob marly

    Please don’t create an article with grammar mistakes. The image was below was”recently taken in the Richmond – See more at:

  • noob.

    ” The image was below was”recently taken in the Richmond “

  • RA Gordon

    And this is why there’s a Twitter account dedicated to Richmond’s driving (@RichmondDrivers)…

  • Nick


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  • P

    It says in the Richmond Centre parking lot..