Pets of Vancouver: The Dog Edition

Pets of Vancouver: The Dog Edition

Did you know that Vancouver is not only home to just good coffee and beautiful landscapes? Some of the most adorable dogs live in this city and they’re here to steal your heart and some likes on Instagram.  Take a look at some of these precious pups!

Pets of Vancouver: The Dog Edition 



Pingu the Pomeranian (@pinguthepom)

  • Because who doesn’t love Pomeranians?


Pets of Vancouver: The Dog Edition

Loki the Corgi (@corgistagram)

  • Loki the Corgi is no stranger to Instagram. With 330,000+ followers and counting, Loki’s definitely a star! I’ve been following Loki for ages and when I found out that he lived in Vancouver, I freaked out. Now every time I see a corgi walk by me, I always wonder if it’s Loki.


Pets of Vancouver: The Dog Edition

Slater the Klee Kai (@slater_the_kleekai)

  • I had never heard of Klee Kais before I stumbled upon Slater’s Instagram account, and now I follow a bunch of Klee Kais on Instagram because of Slater’s good looks. Look at his eyes!



Buddy the Beagle (@buddy_thebeagle)

  • It could be because I have a beagle,  but I find it difficult to walk by a beagle and not say hi. It definitely has something to do with their long, velvety ears and their “sad puppy” eyes.  Buddy the beagle is adorable!


Pets of Vancouver: The Dog Edition

Tacoma the Husky-Malamute (@cocobups)

  • DOGGY. IN. CHRISTMAS. OUTFIT. Need I say more?


Pets of Vancouver: The Dog Edition

Toby the Maltese (@Toby_littledude)

  • Toby is a dog with glasses. You’re cool, Toby.



Angus the Frenchie (@angus_thefrenchie)

  • Angus is a Frenchie who sometimes goes camping and visits the woods. He is the cutest thing.




Sophie the Beagle (@princesssophiethebeagle)

  • A city beagle living on the West Coast



The Pointer Brothers (@ifitwags)

  • The Pointer Brothers are Gustavo and Travis, and they are always going on adventures around Vancouver.  They are extremely good looking and they look good in human clothes.



PS. 604now wants to meet the furry friends of Vancouver! If you have a pet and would like to be featured in our new Pets of Vancouver section, tag #604pets and @604now!

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