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There’s A Hike In BC That Leads You Straight To An Abandoned Town


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The mystery of an old, abandoned ghost town is alluring.

What could be better than the potential of exploring an ancient town with nobody around? Well, a hike that leads you straight to a ghost town, of course.


The ghost town of Parkhurst out near Whistler is the perfect spot for those hoping to go on an adventure.

The History Of Parkhurst

Once an old logging town, Parkhurst lies on the edge of Green Lake.

The land was purchased by the Barr Brothers Logging Company, which was based out of Mission, British Columbia.

They built a steam-operated mill and began operating in 1926, naming the land and community that developed with it after the original landowners.

Along with a mill, the Barrs also built a camp for the mill workers, which included a few family homes.


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In 1932, the mill was sold to Byron Smith and B.C. Keeley, and was renamed Northern Mills.

The mill had a good run, operating for about 40 years due to the decline of the logging industry in the 1950’s.

Once the mill was shut down, the residents of the town soon followed, leaving the town empty.

A few buildings for visitors to peruse through remain, along with some old logging equipment, and even a relic of a once-white corvette. There’s something new for people to discover every visit.

How To Get There

While the town of Parkhurst is inaccessible by road, you’re in luck – it is accessible by through a hiking trail.

Visitors can choose to take either the Sea-To-Sky trail, or the Green Lake Loop. Once on the Sea-To-Sky trail, you can turn off onto the Parkhurst trails.

If you’re starting the hike from Whistler, you can follow the Sea-To-Sky trail for about six kilometres. After that, there are a few unmarked trails that veer off to the left, which take you to the Parkhurst trails.

While you’re in Whistler, be sure to check out the towering Whistler Suspension Bridge that stands at an impressive 7,200 feet above sea level.

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