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B.C. Born Pamela Anderson Urges Port Moody to Save Bert Flinn Park

Pamela Anderson Port Moody

Photo: Pamela Anderson / Twitter

B.C’s own Pamela Anderson is urging Port Moody council members to save Bert Flinn Park from being divided by a road.

The Baywatch actress recently wrote a letter to Mayor Rob Vagramov and councillors. She asked them to “scrap plans for building any future road through the park.”

The Port Moody Council have been discussing building an extension of David Avenue. While this plan has been in the books for years, the council is meeting Tuesday, October 8, to discuss it.

Pamela Anderson Port Moody
Photo: pomo mama / Flickr

The Letter

Anderson’s letter asked the council to consider, “the bears, coyotes, deer, frogs, birds and other animals who call the park home.”

“People in BC and around the world have become increasingly concerned about human expansion and deforestation, which kill and displace animals,” wrote Anderson. “The issue of Bert Flinn Park so perfectly captures the global struggle between unsustainable development and the ethical imperative to protect nature and its many inhabitants.”

Anderson is a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and has previously spoken out on several issues as an activist.

When the model and actress recently moved back to B.C. she heard about the issues around Bert Flinn Park from another PETA supporter. She said it was imperative for her speak out to help an area so close to her home.

“I love BC and will always consider it home,” she wrote.

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