Is Stanley Park The Right Location For a Massive Outdoor Music Festival?

Stanley Park

There is no doubt that a vast number of British Columbians love music festivals. From Contact to Pemberton, FYDED to the Folk Festival, the province entertains a number of large-scale offerings every year.

In 2018 Vancouver is introducing yet another festival to its already action-packed schedule – SKOOKUM.

The festival takes place over the course of three days in September of next year, and is expecting to have 20,000 attendees per day in its first year. With a wide variety of contemporary musical acts, mind-blowing art installations and more, the event promises to entertain; however, there is one point of contention.

A Music Festival In Stanley Park?

The festival is taking place in Stanley Park, one of the city’s most pristine and well-kept natural habitats. As a result, many people are infuriated that a massive event like SKOOKUM is happening in the delicate ecosystem.

With so many people attending the festival each day, there’s a huge concern about waste. These events typically don’t have a foolproof method of disposing of garbage, let alone proper recycling. In addition, people worry the sheer volume of traffic will cause damage to the environment. 

When we posted the event to our Facebook page, many people felt concerned about the welfare of the park.

A great deal of people use the area to enjoy a casual stroll, run, or bike, and the festival won’t exactly be quiet. The entire area will have a decidedly different atmosphere during the festival’s run.

Vancouver did have the tHrIVe Festival this past September in Stanley Park, but it only took place on one day. Hippies also took over the park back in 1967, but that event had a decidedly different feel than today’s festivals typically do.

Do you think that SKOOKUM should take place in Stanley Park, or do you think the festival is a recipe for disaster? What are your thoughts and opinions?

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