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15 Outdoor Date Ideas To Enjoy With Bae This Summer

Most romantic spots in Canada

There are a number of experiences that you can enjoy indoors with a significant other; however, there’s nothing like a fun outdoor date during the summer time.

So, make sure you take advantage of Metro Vancouver’s sunny season with these fun outdoor ideas.

Outdoor Date Ideas


Outdoor DateCoined “Beautiful British Columbia,” our coastal province earned that title with its lush forests, pristine bodies of water, and soaring mountain ranges. So, there’s no better way to enjoy time with your sweetie then in the great outdoors! Also, be sure to check out these beautiful hikes that include swimming spots.

Beach Date

Outdoor Date / Beach Chair and Umbrella Rentals Officially Arrive at English Bay

Of course, beaches may be a slightly more less private date; however, they are still so much fun. There’s nothing as relaxing as laying the sun and watching the waves roll in beside your bae. Of course, there’s a litany of beaches to choose from, so you can gauge which are best suited to your dating needs.


Night Market

richmond night market / Outdoor Date
Photo: Illumination Vancouver International Summer Night Market / Facebook

Metro Vancouver night markets offer live entertainment, food, shopping, and much more. There’s ton’s to discover, and you’ll never go hungry. What’s more, the Richmond Night market only costs a couple of dollars for admission.

Outdoor Yoga

Kits Beach / date night
Photo: Mat Collective / Facebook

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but yoga’s health benefits are pretty tough to argue. And, they practice is the ultimate way to connect with a new love interest or spark an old flame. In addition, Kitsilano Beach offers yoga for free on Friday, June 1st, 2018 and right until the end of August! Happy stretching!

Free Outdoor Movies

Cinema Under The Stars - outdoor movies Langley / Outdoor Date
Photo: Fresh Air Cinema

Metro Vancouver has a number of outdoor movie spots to watch some great films once the sun goes down. Furthermore, the movie experience offers the perfect environment to enhance the dating experience. Not only does it provide the ideal place to embrace under the stars, but it doesn’t weird everyone else out around you when you do it. Have fun!

Bike the Seawall

Outdoor date
Photo: Mark Faviell Photos / Flickr

Riding a bike is both nostalgic and freeing. It brings back the feeling of being a little kid, while also allowing you to feel a little more alive as you pedal on. Bring along someone you want to share that experience with, and it will be hard not to have a great time.

Celebration of Light

Canada Day / Outdoor Date
Photo: @jennchanphotography / Instagram

The Honda Celebration of Light is a breathtaking fireworks display along the Vancouver waterfront, and it is a magical experience. What’s more, this year the theme is love, so the nocturnal display provides the perfect backdrop for romantic expression. The fireworks will be on throughout the day and into the night on July 28th, August 1st and August 4th.

Outdoor Concert

outdoor date/ pne summer night concerts
Photo: PNE/Playland/Twitter

Everyone gets old, but going to a concert never gets old. Indeed, the sheer amount of electric energy that emerges in the night air is enough to awaken anyone’s spirit. And, there’s no better way to enjoy a summer date (or any outing, for that matter!)

Patio Dinning

outdoor dining / outdoor date
Photo: Provence Vancouver

A romantic dinner is always a beautiful idea, but there’s nothing better than one on a patio. What’s more, Metro Vancouver has some of the most glorious patios in the country. So, hit up your favourite spot with your better half and dine the night, or day, away! Tip: check out these patios if you need to bring Fido.


Ice Cream Stroll

ice cream in vancouver / outdoor dateIt may seem like a simple date, but a little ice cream goes a long way. Of course, it may not go that far if its not top notch quality; however, Metro Vancouver has endless choices of delectable ice cream and related goodies. And, when the weather is warm, there’s nothing cuter than enjoying the sweet stuff with your boo. Enjoy!

Cultus Lake Waterpark

Fraser Valley / Outdoor date
Photo: @keatonharaga / Instagram

The Cultus Lake Waterpark offers over 18 super fun waterslides. There are also five large hot tubs throughout the park, a lazy river, and four children areas. As such, it is an incredibly fun date.

Whitecaps Game

Whitecaps Tickets / Outdoor Date
Photo: Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Even if you aren’t a soccer fan, or hooligan, you’ll probably enjoy a Whitecaps game. For one, the stadium’s atmosphere is extremely lively, and offers ample entertainment. The roof is also retractable, to let in that glorious summer light during the daytime. Furthermore, the fun doesn’t stop at the gates. Exiting the stadium you’ll encounter fans from far and wide, and possibly follow the frenzy to a nearby pub or bar.


playland / outdoor date
Photo: Jimmy Yargeau/Flickr

Playland is the original cute outdoor date. Its the same setting that Noah meets Allie in the Notebook, and so you can’t really go wrong. Of course, amusement parks are always fun, but make sure that you don’t have an upset stomach before you go! Admission to Playland gives you unlimited access to over 35 rides and attractions, including three of the newest rides.

Deep Cove Friday Night Lights

outdoor date / deep cove friday night lights
Photo: Stewart Butterfield/Flickr

Of course, kayaking is always a fun date; however, kayaking by starlight is a particularly romantic adventure. Deep Cove Friday Night Lights affords the opportunity to experience the activity under the moon’s luminesce.  It’s a kayaking experience led by a guided tour, starting at dusk and lasting 2.5 hours.

Farmers Market

Fraser Valley / Outdoor DateShopping in the supermarket may feel somewhat unnatural in the summer, especially when there are fruits and vegetables ripe for the picking. That’s exactly what makes the farmers markets so attractive. As such, its a great way to shop for groceries to make your date a delectable dinner. Moreover, you’ll get to know each other’s preferences, so that you don’t accidentally make them something they positively detest. Whew!


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