Othello Tunnels Set To Close For Season Due to Unstable Conditions

Othello Tunnels

While there are a number of popular places to visit in British Columbia, few are as mysterious as the Othello Tunnels.

Located north of Hope, the landmark draws thousands of visitors yearly. Not only are they made up of of five tunnels and multiple bridges in between, but the massive granite cliffs stand 300 feet tall. In addition, the tunnels have concrete and wood supports on the inside.

Once you’re in the tunnels, you can actually hear the rapids flowing through the gorge.

Unfortunately, anyone who wants to venture into the attraction will have to do so before they close. Services are only available from April 1st to October 31st. They are closed during the winter months due to unstable conditions, falling rocks and ice.

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Othello Tunnels

The tunnels were built in 1914, when the Canadian Pacific Railway deemed it necessary to link the Kootenays with the BC Coast. They offer visitors a 3.5 kilometre trail, which links to the Hope-Nicola Cattle trail.

The tunnels were named after the Shakespearian play. The engineer, Andrew McCullough, was a giant Shakespeare fan and named several of the Coquihalla stations after Shakespearian characters.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to brave the Whistler Suspension Bridge this year, you’ll want to venture out soon.

Whistler Blackcomb will close the exciting new feature on September 16th, and it won’t open again until 2019.

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