These Photos Of The Original ‘White Rock’ at The Beach May Back So Many Memories

white rock

The rock at White Rock hold many stories and legends oh how it got there.

It’s said to be how the city came to get its name, after a giant boulder was placed there. To this day it remains the brightest thing you can see from miles out, and even boats use it as a beacon.

It is interesting to note though that the rock wasn’t originally white, however became white as it accumulated a mass amount of bird droppings. Then eventually started being painted white.


Stories of the Rock

The rock was placed in the area long before White Rock became a city in 1957. It’s thought to be a remnant of highway building, though some believe it was left there due to a glacier as well.

As legend will have it, the rock is there as a result of the son of the Sea Gods wanting to marry the princess daughter of the Chief of the Cowichans. He hurled a giant rock after neither side blessed the unity and said that where the boulder landed they will live. It’s said this is how the Semiahmoo Tribe began.

No matter what actually happened, one things stands true. The rock looked very different than it does present day. It was much larger and the natural colour was not white.

If you are wondering what it looked like before today’s marvelling glory, we are going way back.

Let’s look back

Photo: Explore White Rock c/o Treasures From the Past / Flickr

Photo: Explore White Rock c/o Treasures From the Past / Flickr

Photo: BC Archives

white rock history

Photo: White Rock Museum and archives

Present Day

Photo: Ted McGrath / Flickr

Regardless of how it got there, it’s a staple in history and a beautiful piece to still have remain a forever part of White Rock.


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