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Pod of Orcas Surprise Kayakers Near Vancouver Coast (VIDEO)

Orcas Vancouver

Photo: Sarah Boland / Instagram

A pair of kayakers were in West Vancouver, Tuesday, when they were met by a pod of orcas.

Sarah Boland had caught the incident on video, when she and her friends were standing over the water, near Whytecliff Park.

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The group were there to watch the sunset over Howe Sound, when they heard a blow from below and then saw the orcas swim to the surface.


Boland was able to record it, showing the orcas surfacing close to the shore line. The three whales came close to the kayakers before swimming away.

There have been a few whales sightings over the last few months, including a humpback whale that recently swam by Vancouver.

Have you ever seen orcas near the Vancouver shores?

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