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Online Passport Scam Cons Canadians Out Of Thousands

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Amid the growing number of online scandals, including the latest with Facebook, comes yet another costly and deceptive scam.

This one acts as a third party site that assists Canadians in obtaining and filling out what is actually a free form from the government. What’s more, this form isn’t complicated – the website merely tells people what information to put in the form.

The website is called CanadianPassport.ca and promises to expedite the process. “Helping you with the application process every step of the way!”

Passport Scam
Photo: PassportOnline.ca

Now, victims are concerned about their personal safety. Evidently, the government is operating under a false pretence, and therefore collecting personal information puts people at risk. Canadians are worried about identity theft as well as the costs associated with the services. Depending on the service, these costs range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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Canadian Passport Scam

CBC News first broke the story last year when a Ryerson University employee Googled “Renew Canadian Passport Online.” The first suggestion in the pool of searches was for PassportOnline.ca. Although listed as an ad, coming up as the first search gives the website the appearance of legitimacy.

“The businesses operate at 515 Consumers Rd., Toronto. Employees there fill out applications for Canadian passports or applications for convicted criminals seeking pardons or waivers so they can travel to the United States despite their record. The companies charge hundreds and thousands of dollars per application.”

A former employee of Passport Online broke the news about the scams to the media; however, they do not wish to be identified for fear of reprisal.

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