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$2,056 For A One-Bed Rental In Vancouver Considered “Affordable”


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Are you able to pay $2,056 a month for a one-bed rental in Vancouver?

Well, according to the City of Vancouver, that’s actually “affordable”.

The city recently released an updated bulletin that outlines what affordable rent rates are for 2019.


The maximum rent for studios on the East Side has been set at $1,607. On the West Side, the maximum rent allowed for studios is $1,768.

When it comes to one-bedroom rentals, rent is set at $1,869 on the East Side and $2,056 on the West Side.

Here’s the full rental breakdown for the East Side and West Side:

Photo: City of Vancouver

In 2018, the East Side rental rate for a one-bedroom unit was $1,730 and $1,903 on the West Side.

Projects creating new rental supply, “where 100% of the residential development is rental in tenure are eligible for a DCL (Development Cost Levy) waiver for the rental portion of the development”.

Here’s how a project can be eligible for the DCL Waiver System:

Photo: City of Vancouver

Apart from meeting the rental rates requirements, projects eligible for a full or partial waiver must not exceed the maximum unit size for all unit types outlined in the DCL By-laws.


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