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Once Ready, Everyone in B.C. Will Have To Register For A COVID-19 Vaccination

Measles Immunization Catch-Up Program

Once a COVID-19 vaccination is ready, B.C. residents will not be forced to get it, but they will have to register for it.

Health Minister Adrian Dix said there will be mandatory registration “to ensure that everybody knows, especially public health knows who’s immunized and who isn’t.”

This is to ensure people are protected, he added.

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The province passed similar legislation last year, after the measles outbreak. B.C. schools had to register which students had not been vaccinated, to protect those with compromised immune systems.

Currently, B.C. has 2,053 cases of COVID-19, with about a 60% recovery rate. As health officials said the number of cases are declining, the province is looking at easing quarantine restrictions.

If anyone has COVID-19 symptoms, they can now head to a walk-in clinic for a check-up.

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