Old Country Pierogi First Food Truck In Vancouver To Accept Bitcoins

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Old Country Pierogi First Food Truck In Vancouver To Accept Bitcoins

Old Country Pierogi is the first food truck in Metro Vancouver to accept Bitcoins, one of the more popular and well-known digital currencies available out there, as monetary payment in exchange for a taste of their Eastern European food options. A family-owned mobile restaurant business based in Surrey, Old Country Pierogi debuted the beginning of an era at this year’s Car Free Day at the Main Street location, with their soft launch scheduled at North Shore Green Market.

It’s quite the forward-thinking move for a food truck to make, especially one with a name that strives to cultivate a traditional image for food authenticity and Old World nostalgia. Even the official site for Old Country Pierogi depicts a proud girl holding up a plate of dumplings with wheat framing her on either side. Despite the pioneer vibes, Old Country Pierogi is, like many food trucks, marketed to consumers as a trendy alternative, and what’s more trendy than being able to pay for your gluten-free pierogies through the cryptocurrency of the town?

In partnership with The Bitcoin Co-op association of British Columbia, interested businesses can look at their website for further information: bitcoincoop.org


Written by: Irene Lo

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