New Video About Victoria Will Make You Want To Catch The Next Ferry

5 Reasons to Visit Victoria

Tourism Victoria has released a new video titled “It’s More than That’. The video explains exactly what “more than that” means by showing highlights of the variety of things British Columbia’s capital has to offer.

While most associate the island as a place with very friendly people and an escape from the ‘fast’ city life in Vancouver, Victoria really is well, more than that. It has an endless amount of things to explore and see including restaurants, festivals, and a fun, yet much calmer night life you would find in the 604.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!


Image via HelloBC

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  • Roderick Glannville

    Brilliant! Proud to call it our home.

  • Daphne Stewart

    I am a third generation Victorian, and am looking forward to the day these people hear about our earthquakes and rain!

  • Elaine Trussler

    Thank you God for creating such awesome beauty. Elaine Trussler

  • Barb

    So well done… and if the rest of the awesome Island was included, the film could go on for hours!

  • good work

    well done Dave!
    Another great Video

  • Chantelle

    Debbie downer much?

  • Annie

    It’s no wonder the Americans stop at Victoria, they don’t know there 95% more of the Island to. Victoria? just another big city. Venture out!

  • jane

    SHUSH .. we don’t want everyone coming here..