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New Vancouver Vending Machines Offer Everything From Groceries To Diapers

New Vancouver Vending Machines Offer Everything From Groceries To Diapers

Vancouver condo owners will soon be just an elevator ride away from essential grocery shopping thanks to a new initiative that challenges traditional vending machines.

Happy Vending, a local Vancouver company, has begun installing vending machines with groceries in specific high-rise buildings in Vancouver. Each machine offers breakfast essentials including milk, eggs, and bacon to personal items including deodorants, tampons, toothpaste, and even diapers.

The robust new machines carry up to 70 items and operate as a convenience store to building residents and guests. They’re designed to handle products of any kind regardless of weight, size, or shape. Some of the machines, which offer pre-cooked meals are even equipped with “Heat n’Go”microwaves that allow you to instantly warm up your meal on the spot.

While vending machines have always been available, they were limited to snacks and drinks. Perishable food items such as eggs, milk, and cheese were difficult to place in vending machines due to the complexity of temperature conditions.

Fortunately, Happy Vending is solving those problems with their new technology. What helps separate these vending machines from the rest is the bonus features including the machine keeping track of inventory, prices, and expiration dates of all items being offered. What makes this even cooler is that buyers can see all this information from a mobile app. Buyers also have the option of paying with a credit card.

All machines and pre-stocked with top selling items. Overtime, building residents are able to nominate what specialty items they’d like in the machine adding to its convenience. The machine also features an elevator mechanism to assure gentle product delivery so fragile items like eggs are handled with care while being dispensed.

Happy Vending machines are currently in two buildings in Vancouver, but we’re sure that number will rapidly increase throughout the year.


Image via Happy Vending

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