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New Surrey Shirts Spoof Mayor’s “I’m Not The Sheriff” Comment

New Surrey Shirts Spoof Mayor's "I'm Not The Sheriff" Comment

The recent series of shootings in Surrey currently has the city on its heals. And while Surrey officials struggle to find a solution, a local t-shirt company has found a business opportunity.

Upon the RCMP announcing that 11 of 19 recent shootings in Surrey and Delta are linked to a gang war between two drug trafficking groups, residents turned to Mayor Linda Hepner for answers and solutions who responded by stating  “I am not the sheriff. I can’t do more than that which we are doing, which is getting those police on the ground.”

The irony of her statement comes from her recent Mayoral campaign which included making a Surrey a safer place. Her statement lead to a backlash on social media and ultimately provided Surrey Shirts inspiration for their new t-shirt design:

New Surrey Shirts Spoof Mayor's "I'm Not The Sheriff" Comment

After the mayor’s infamous “I’m not the sheriff” comment, we decided there needed to be a new Sheriff in town unafraid to comment about ongoing crime, shootings and murder in Surrey. Our “Surrey Sheriff” shirt features a bold SUR/REY bordered top and bottom with bright yellow police crime scene tape that is becoming a common sight in our city as our so-called leaders duck for cover.

The Surrey shirts are available in all sizes and on sale for $25.00 online.

This isn’t the first time the local shirt shop has spoofed Surrey either, in 2013 they created “Better safe than Surrey” and “The Future dies here” shirts.

Let’s not forget the “Surrey Harlem Shake” YouTube videos which also took aim at the city’s reputation.

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